I Tried Romwe and Here is What Happened

Romwe has recently been the talk of the internet. Many are wondering if the sight is trustworthy and what the clothing is really like. So I ordered six items to see what Romwe is all about.

The ordering process can take some time. I scoured the site for a long time to decide on my items. The reason it took so long was the sizing charts. I probably looked ridiculous with my tape measure figuring out all of my measurements. The sizing is pretty off, which I’ll address more later in the post. Many of the items were actually “one-size”, but does not fit all, more like fits a few. After finding my six items, I placed my order and I used a code I found online for 65% off each item. Shipping was estimated to take 1-3 weeks, quite a gap, but it is international shipping. (Tracking can’t be done until it is in the country).

My order took a little over a week to get in. The items in general were better than expected, some fit a bit strange. Just keep in mind, I am typically a medium in shirts and an 8/10 in pants.

1. Criss Cross V Back Chunky Knit Sweater

This item is One Size and costs $16. I bought the sweater in gray, but it comes in many colors. As soon as I opened the package, the smell of this sweater hit. It did not smell pleasant, actually none of the items did. The sweater looked like the picture, but it was a bit itchy. It fit me a bit oversized, which I really like. There was a hem line down the front that made me think it was a cardigan that had been sewn together, but that I can’t confirm. Other than the hem, I would say its a good sweater for its price.

2. Black Letter Print Short Sleeve T-shirt

This shirt is also One Size and it costs $9. The slogan is “Girl Power”, which was placed off-center unfortunately. The sleeve sizes weren’t equal, one sleeve was slightly wider than the other. The fit of the shirt was nice, the back is a bit shorter than the front, which I didn’t notice at first. I noticed this while I was wearing it and sitting down. The material was also pretty soft. With all things considered, I’ll still wear it because of the slogan, but I wish the shirt was better made.

3. Sentence Print T-shirt

This shirt comes in sizes Small-3XL and it costs $9. The sentence on the shirt is “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?”. The shirt was very similar to the “Girl Power” shirt in material, but the quality is much better. I ordered this shirt in a Large hoping it would be a bit oversized, the shirt was kind of long but decently fitted. I have no complaints for this shirt, other than it smelled like a pool float when it came out of the package. A really great shirt for the low price.

4. Leaf Print Twist Headband

This headband was $5. This is my favorite item from my order. It’s a cute headband that goes with a lot of clothing. The make of it is decent, there were a few strings hanging from the material in the back of the headband, but that didn’t seem to affect the quality. The headband has a lot of stretch in it and it isn’t irritating on the head or skin. I would highly recommend this item if you’re looking for a nice fall accessory!

5. Blue Ripped Ankle Jeans

These jeans come in sizes Small-XL and cost $13. These jeans were a flop for me, they were my most troublesome item. I ordered an XL after measuring every part of my legs, an XL was actually bigger than the size I needed according to my measurements. When I pulled them out of the bag they seemed to look like the picture, so I was excited. But my excitement was gone after trying them on. The jeans fit around my waist and thighs, but the sizing doesn’t take in the fact that people have different size behinds. So that caused an issue in the fit. Another issue I had with these jeans is the rip placement. In the picture, the rips are centered over the knee and down the leg, but upon trying them on I realized this was incorrect. The rips were actually crooked and opened over half of my knee, instead of showing my whole knee. They were really cute jeans, so the fit and the rips caused some disappointment for me.

6. Striped Contrast Trim Cable Sweater

This sweater is One Size and costs $14. I ordered the sweater in the color Coffee, but there is also a White option. When I first opened the item, I was a bit confused because there is no tag to signify the front or back. So I just went with what seemed right to me. The sweater fit, but it was shorter than I expected. It’s more of a cropped sweater, which I’m not a big fan of, so I’ll be wearing it with high-rise jeans. The color was also darker than the picture seemed, but I should have expected the color to be darker considering it was called Coffee. The sweater is kind of scratchy. Overall, it is a cute sweater and it’s very warm, perfect for fall and winter!


My experience with Romwe was better than expected and I hope that if you choose to try it out, your results are the same. It was honestly fun to order items and see if they turned out as expected.

Best Wishes!

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