How to Stay Organized When Your a Chronic Procrastinator

I am a very chronic procrastinator, I have been since day one. My mom would ask me to clean my room, and my reply was always “I will later”. I never did until she was really frustrated, that was when I knew I better clean or it was going to be a big problem!

Throughout high school I was not only a procrastinator, but I also missed way to much school. My average absence amount was probably 17 per year. This on top of procrastinating probably should have taken a toll on my grades, but thank goodness, it didn’t. I actually maintained my high GPA, which led to me thinking I could go the rest of my life just showing up and doing things when I wanted to.

This was not true.

I realized this after receiving all the syllabi from my professors. I was not going to be able to just miss 17 days of class without it taking a toll on my grades, especially since most of my professors begin to take off part of your grade after 3 to 4 absences. So I knew I needed to get organized quickly because my organization was as bad as my high school attendance.

So I googled “How to get organized for college” and watched too many youtube videos about it and here I am, organized as ever!

How did I get organized? I started out with buying anything that seemed helpful which included a planner, a wall calendar, a desk calendar, color coded folders and notebooks, highlighters, colored note cards, and the list goes on and on. Apparently all of this is not necessary for everyone. Some people benefit a whole lot from highlighting everything in a color system for classes and writing everything on every calendar, and studying with colored note cards, power to them for doing all of that! But if you happen to be like me, you don’t benefit from all of that.

I found out that what I really needed was my laptop, a planner, and quizlet. Those are the three things getting me through college. I also use a desk calendar, but that’s more for me to just glance at and set my laptop on.

My laptop is helpful because I use the reminders and set timers so I won’t forget things that I need to get done that day. I normally put in reminders during the time between classes. I also use my laptop for onenote, powerpoint, word, etc.

I use my planner every single day. When I bought my planner, I immediately wrote every single assignment on the due dates. I put these on the monthly calendar, as well as on the individual day just to make sure that I didn’t forget these. Then after I joined organizations, I wrote the meeting times in there. I also just write myself little encouragements throughout the planner, like maybe a note that says “Hey only three more days until thanksgiving break” or “You only have three finals! You can do this!” It sounds corny for sure, but it’s nice to read that when I’m super stressed about something.

Quizlet is the only reason that I passed my Asian Art History midterm a few weeks ago. When the professor released a document with all the information on it, I was overwhelmed. One girl told me, after I completely failed one of the quizzes, that quizlet helped her a whole lot. So I gave it a shot. I created a flashcard for every single term, art piece, dynasty, and location. I used the learn portion over and over until I felt confident that I knew everything. I ended up getting a 94% on that midterm because I studied until my brain hurt. I personally really enjoy quizlet because you can attach images and they have different methods for you to study, these help me a lot more than written out flash cards. (I still haven’t opened my colored index cards)

No matter what type of person you are, procrastinator or over achiever, find your thing and stick with it. My method may not work for you, just as the color coding didn’t work for me. Your studying doesn’t have to look like a studyblr. Mine definitely doesn’t. Try out the different methods and stick with what works for you! Experimenting with different study and organization styles is worth it in the end.

Feel free to share your study style with me on Instagram @forthrightfaith or on my Facebook page! Maybe even include a hashtag that embodies your study style! Mine would probably be #messybutmindful or maybe just #notsostudyblr

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